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Address Matching

Beta Test

Herts/Essex businesses: Tarn Technologies has been developing some innovative software in the address matching space. As a broad description, this software can take data from multiple, disparately shaped databases and identify the relationships between them. This association can be done at the individual, family, household or company level. The result set identifies the duplicate candidates within the group and provides a score of the relationship between them. We have tested this on address databases up to 5 million records. We are already planning to increase the capacity of this software to the 10 and 100 million row level.

In preparation for releasing this address matching software in the general marketplace, Tarn Technologies is running a beta test on the latest version of Address.MatchingObjects. If you are in the Essex/Hertfordshire area and want to take part in this FREE test, we would be delighted to hear from you.

There are no qualifying criteria for this program. We are looking for data sets of any size but no larger than 1 million rows cumulatively. To engage in this program, please contact us at our office address. We need you to describe how you want the data processed (deduplicated, best, aggregate). We will then process the data and provide back to you a complete set of matches within the databases with a scoring of the match(es). We take the security of your data seriously. We do not have secure transport facilities yet so in the short term the data will need to be moved manually. In the longer term data may also be uploaded onto our site but this will require you to go through our registration process.

Should you wish to discuss this offer with us we can be contacted via phone or email at our company address. This is on our contacts page.

We expect that the results of the test will provide you with a significant insight into the quality of your data. This solution allows you to treat your customers in the way they wish to be treated: let your customers know that you can see them as a whole, not as accounts. Get a grip on the quality of your most important asset.

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