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About Us
About Us

Value Proposition

Horses for courses

Tarn Technologies' approach is predicated on maximising the utility of the internally-based people. The objective is to leave an organisation in a more advanced state than when we arrived.

Programs have a limited lifetime. Resourcing a program is difficult and expensive. Once the program is finished, program teams need to be disbanded and migrated into new programs.

Tarn's value proposition is that we:

  • provide the hard-to-find skills

  • train your organisation during the construction phase of the program; and then

  • retire once the program is complete

    Tarn will of course remain on hand to support future developments. The wind down and re-deployment phase is no longer required as the internal staff will typically move on to maintenance and development of the delivery. At this point, Tarn takes a watching brief ensuring the smooth running of the system, always within calling distance to provide further support or, as is often the case, to help extend the solution.

    Typically Tarn provides an external slice down the side of a program organisation complementing the internal staff. Skills transfer is done by mixing internal and Tarn staff alongside each other such that knowledge is communicated on a daily basis.

    Tarn prefers to be engaged in a program capacity with a defined start and end.

    A maxim states that doing the same thing with the same people will end in the same result. Through the wealth of experience that Tarn has, we can bring a new dimension to thinking and refresh the ideas pool.

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