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Products Overview

As an organisation in its own right, and having visibility of the pain of other companies in their daily operations, has led Tarn Technologies to devise a number of innovative toolsets. The sample below lists some of the technology that has been built or is in the process of being built. Please contact us for more detailed availability.


An xml-enabled address matching engine to deliver Single Customer View. It will cross-identify people, families, households and organisations across multiple differently-shaped address databases. Available in batch form now.


An xml-enabled work flow engine. Delivery planned for Q3 2013.


A self service xml-enabled address matching engine based on the Address.MatchingObjects platform that is self-managed by the client. Delivery planned for Q4 2013.


A sharepoint-based data aggregation engine that provides a board level digital dashboard view of an organisation to enable rapid recognition of production indicators in the resolution of emerging business problems. Delivery planned for Q4 2013.

MITzi (Marketing Intelligence Tool)

An Access- or SQL-based competitor business and products analysis toolset to set strategic business direction. Delivery planned for Q2 2013.


A cloud-based digital diagram collaboration toolset. This allows geographically-distributed personnel to collaborate on a digital diagram in real time. Features include length and area calculators to calculate build costs. Delivery planned for Q2 2013.


Work with the building trades identified that the most pressing cause for concern was the re-keying of invoices. A general technology has evolved out of this which allows templated documents to be OCR-scanned into an xml document. This data can then be used as any xml document and be converted into database records, messages or posted into an accounts package. Delivery planned for Q2 2013.


As a small business, it is frustrating not to be able to compare year-on-year finances in the accounts packages that are affordable. Tarn Technologies have unpicked one of the leading accounting toolsets to pipe data into a standard data warehouse. Reporting tools can then be attached to this to drive week on week, month on month, quarter on quarter and year on year comparisons. Delivery planned for Q2 2013.

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