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The primary services offered from Tarn are professional services. This covers both architectural services (data, technology, business, solutions) and development services (analysis, design, build, management).

We have successfully delivered projects using in-sourcing where Tarn staff have complemented internal staff. We have also successfully delivered projects as an outsource process. Our experience is that outsourcing is a more efficient process as staff travel less and consequently have more time to devote to the build. This requires a degree of trust between an organisation and us. It also requires the correct granularity of build as the benefits often only occur where there are several large linked components.

As an adjunct to the solutions offered, we also have a degree of self service solutions. This is currently limited to the MAMBO (address matching) toolset. Data can be uploaded to our servers, trained users can select data sets to operate on, and then execute the appropriate matching process. The toolset is a cut down version of the internal toolset we use.

These services are described in more detail in the adjacent tabs.

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