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Data Matching

Data Matching

One of the corporate passions of Tarn Technologies is single customer view. A flirtation with an Irish bank identified the difficulty of managing such a large customer data set. In this instance, clients were only identified as accounts and typically each client held 4 accounts. During communications with a customer, two letters were sent for each account held. In most cases, eight letters would drop onto the mat of the unsuspecting customer. All this demonstrated was that the bank had no clue as to the identity of the account holder.

A conversation with a German Telco identified that they had no ability to cross-identify a home, mobile and business telephone account belonging to the same person. In this way, early warning signals of distress in one account couldn't be used to assist in client management in the other accounts.

A successful UK technology company had lost control of their CRM system. As the portal of visibility internally to externally, this was causing significant pain. By seeding the CRM system with tokens for matching, a very non-invasive method was derived which allowed the CRM system's own de-duplication system to be properly exercised.

A UK hospital grouping collated their supplier details. This demonstrated that on average there were 3 accounts per supplier and in one instance 14 distinct accounts. Two notionally competing cleaning companies were identified to be operating from the same premises.

By aggregating the accounts it was clearly demonstrated that better volume discounts could be identified not just within the group but in each hospital.

Out of this was drawn a need to be able to cross-locate people, addresses and businesses between the many customer data sets within the organisation. Tarn Technologies have developed an innovative address matching engine which can perform these comparisons.

Tarn Technologies is putting this technology through beta test currently and invite you to join the test program. Please see the home page for details.

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